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    hi, my name is mike, im 16 years old and i have jest resently noticed a vein on my left testicle. It is not painful or anyhitng and when i push it it feels oddly gewy but again there is no pain, it is a vein that is kind of coilly and is near the bottom of my testicle. i have also believed i noticed a drop in the size of both testicles, however this might also just be paranio. there is no pain discomfort or anyhthing. Im just wondering if i need to go to the doctor about this. ive also been taking a nutritional suppliment that contains nitric oxide and caffein and creatine and im wonderign if this is the problem???

    plz respond to this, thank you very much!

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    If youre concerned the best thing to do is go and see a doctor. The examination isnt nearly as embarrasing as you think it will be, and your'll sleep alot better when they tell you that you have nothing to worry about!

    Even they do find something wrong the chances of it being TC are pretty slim - its much more likly to be an infection of some kind. Its best to get it checked out if you have any concerns.

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      i forsurly will i just want to know if anyone else has the same problem


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        hey i have those same symptoms but my left testicle the one with alot of big veins feels enlarged and the right is smaller


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          Mike, it probably isn't anything serious, but go get it checked.

          Also, and this is just my personal experience and opinion, I'd dump that Creatine/caffiene nightmare down the drain and be very careful what "supplements" you take.
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