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clump of veins....

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  • Scott
    As you can see in this diagram, there are supposed to be veins coming from the testicle. It may be that you're just feeling is normal. If you're not sure, it's best to ask your doctor.

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  • left2080
    started a topic clump of veins....

    clump of veins....

    I have had a tangle of vein/tubes above my left testicle for some time. I just really noticed it today, so i have been reading these posts. it sounds like i dont have anything to worry about but im still not sure. it is a mass of tubelike tissue, and when i squeezed it i felt the same effect as if i squeeze or hurt one of my testicles. it is not a small hard lump like TC, and it has been there a while without growing. im only 15 and i dont remeber when i first noticed it, but it never worried me before. WHAT IS IT?? do i need to tell my parents and go to a doctor, or is it normal?? please respond.
    thank you