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  • A question concerning ....

    ...well i thought i had cancer or sumthing wrong. the symptoms i can explain is this:

    there is a tiny bump on the skin of my scrotum / shaft. its right where the shaft begins...i believe its acne.

    um then i keep thinking my left testical has cancer... it appears a tiny bit long, like... 1/2 -1mm longer... um i feel a dull pain from that area but i think its the acne bump.

    i was doing a self test and i can find any umps but the vas deferens in the left testical feels swollenish compared to the right... now im not sure if its something to worry about or not.

    i tend to worry about things that arent bad. this could all be the acne causing the pain adn me just being confused about how to do the self test.

    any comments or suggestions? thank you -tristen

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    upon further inspection, im thinking that a possibility of the problem could be this:

    A varicocele is the swelling of the veins inside the scrotum. These veins are found along the cord that holds up a man's testicles (spermatic cord).

    as well as a acne bump on the shaft of my penis.

    or theres this whole chance that its absolutely nothing lol ... but id still like some opinions please


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      It sounds like the bump is on the outside of the skin which would certainly not be TC. You could have a minor infection that may need an antibiotic to clear up the condition. It could be a calcium deposit or just acne as you suspect. Sound like you will be just fine but continue to monitor your condition and if it gets worse then see a DR.
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        hmm so that was acne...cos (sorry to be gross) but i poped the zit. umm but a new thing appeared... not near my penis but rather there is this pain right where my left thigh connects to my hip region...i was wondering if the vas fdeferens goes up that far and whether or not you think this is an infection... i thought earlier that my left testy was in fact swollen but not anymore...

        im thinking im gonna set up an appointment because i might need antibiotics...

        any input? :-)