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  • Strange Pain

    Hi guys,

    For the past 3 or 4 days now I've had a slight pain in both my testicles, moving up into my lower abdomen. My testicles themselves don't hurt, it feels like it's deeper into the pelvis, the area between the testicles and lower abdomen (thought at time the testicles themselves do hurt). The pain isn't severe, but just enough for me to notice that it's not going away. It just showed up overnight and I have no recollection of any type of injury. There is nothing wrong with me other than the pain. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the tc forum. It doesn't soud like you have typical tc symptoms. More common would be a heaviness in the testicles and when examined the tumor would be noticable to the touch check out this sites main page for more info ( on how to do a proper self examination. That being said it's never a bad idea to have a doctor check you out when you don't feel right. Keep us posted but you should be fine.
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      Thank you for the reply. The pain is fairly mild, just enough for me to notice it. I've noticed also that I've been sitting down alot in the bathroom, so it might be something as simple as a stomach virus without the typical stomach flu sickness. I just wanted to check and make sure that it might not be something more serious, but I will keep you posted. Thanks again.


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        hey I had the same problem and I went to the doc to get it checked out, turned out to be a cyst, it cant hurt you, the pain didnt go away till i went to the doc, i think it was me playing with it or thinking about it all the time now I have no pain, go to the doc get it checked out, The only way a cyst can become a probelm is if it becomes to big or the pain gets worse