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    Hello, yesterday I noticed a lump or something that seemed like one appear on my penis. It was close to the scrotum but not on it, it was about 4/5 down the shaft. After I took a shower today, I was feeling to see if I felt any pain anywhere, and I notice the top right of where the V starts, where a lot of glands seem to be was painful to push on. A better description might be the area near the crevas between the genitalia and the leg. The painful part(though not very painful) seemed to be a little swollen as I checked the other side and it was not like that.

    Sorry if I'm using incorrect or juvinile terms, I just don't really know the terminology. Please help if you have any information. Thank you.

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    I'd get it checked out by a doctor!

    I'm not really able to reliably tell you what it might be, based on your description.. but if it's a kind of bulge in your groin, then it might be an hernia which can be fixed by a very simple surgery.

    I can tell you that it most certainly isn't testicular cancer. TC is a lump on/inside the testicle, so I wouldn't worry about that.
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