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    Hi, i'm 15 and i'm new to the site and love life as much as the next guy.

    But a couple of weeks ago I noticed a hard lump at the top of my right testicle, I have read a little about the symptoms of TC and it seems that the lumps mainly appear on the side or the bottom of testicle. Is this true and if so is there any need for me to worry? And also my stomach has been grumbling for the past month does that have anything to do with TC? And any tips on how i should tell my parents as I do not get along with my dad much.

    Thanks again, and please reply ASAP as i would want to get an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible if there is any reason to worry!


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    Hi Rob.

    A hard lump on a testicle should be examined by a doctor, preferrebly a urologist. Only an ultrasound scan can reveal what it is, so I suggest that you ask for one of those...

    Parents react strange to a lot of things, but when a son tells about possible illnes, they will respond (surprisingly) well and take responsibility. I'm sure you will find that your dad has more to offer than you would normally expect.

    Lumps occur all over testicles, so it's not an indication of anything that it's on the side, bottom or top. And your stomach acting up is NOT a sign of TC.

    Get it over with, get the appointment and let us know what it brings.

    Best wishes
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