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Workers Comp for Police, Fire, EMS workers

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  • Workers Comp for Police, Fire, EMS workers

    I was told there was a bill passed in Workers Compensation that allows employees in Police, Fire, and EMS fields to claim cancer as being caused by work. Does anyone have experience with this? It does not specify particular cancers just cancer in general. Any thoughts?

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    I have heard rumblings of something similar to this, presumably in the wake of 9/11, where many first responders were exposed to known carcinogens such as asbestos in great quantities and without warning. I do not know the extent of it, and I certainly would doubt that it gives carte blanche for someone to connect a cancer to an environmental cause without great substantiating evidence. With respect to TC, I am not aware of any specific environmental factors which have been pinpointed and purported to have a causal relationship.