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    My husband's employer is looking into changing their health insurance. My husband is only at the one year anniversary mark from TC and is on surveillance, and I'm wondering how this will affect our health insurance?
    Is there a way to know if he'll be covered right away, before the insurance switches over? I'd hate to have them switch over and then find out we have to wait 6 mo. or whatever because of "pre existing conditions." That is just too risky for us. He just works for a small place with less than 20 employed.

    I guess this part of the insurance process I don't understand. Can anyone offer advice or a link that explains what happens when your employer switches insurance?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I'm certainly no insurance expert but I'm pretty sure that coverage through the new insurer will be immediate and seamless. By law, they cannot consider your husband's condition as pre-existing since there was no lapse in coverage.
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      I don't think the insurance company can deny coverage while in surveillance because your husband is technically "Cured" ..
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