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    Does anybody know the price for the usual one dose of carboplatin?
    8/5/2013 - right I/O 8/20/2013 - classic seminoma (tumor size 5.5 cm confined to testis. No spermatic cord involvement. Lymph vascular invasion present.) 9/04/2013 - CT scan results - All clear 9/23/2013 - met with 2nd oncologist - stage 1B 9/26/2013 - dose 1 of 2 of carboplatin 10/17/2013 - dose 2 of 2 of carboplatin 11/15/2013 - follow up. Still anemic 11/27/2013 - thyroid ultrasound for pain in throat - all clear 12/2013 - throat pain dx as intubation injury and stomatitis

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    Originally posted by eg518937eg View Post
    Does anybody know the price for the usual one dose of carboplatin?
    I'm struggling to find a site that gives a price, but some of the indian sites are selling them at $2768 for 450mg. Who in their right mind is going to buy this from a backstreet Indian site is beyond me, but I was just trying to get some prices for you dude. Now, the Indians are going to be charging much less than the US so if you were paying the hospital for a 450mg single dose it's probably around the $4000 mark as a rough guess.

    Your dose will probably be higher. Mine was 650mg I believe. I think it's down to your kidney functions too. Best person to speak to would be the company you're paying the cheque to he he. Here is a blog post from a lady who had her medical bill at over $20,000 - - but she had other drugs. Although the point of the post was that the carboplatin is expensive.

    I still can't believe it's actually got platinum in it.