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  • Medicaid

    Before my husband was diagnosed with tc he was in the process of moving from a job with a contractor at his company to a permanent job at the company. We stopped our health insurance a few months ago.. stupid I know. I have already kicked myself in the butt multiple times. Anyway.. Everything so far we are being billed for, but I know it is going to add up faster than I can imagine, so we applied for medicaid today. I honestly don't know a single thing about medicaid. I went on their website, but it just confused me more than anything. Does anyone have medicaid that you use for cancer related treatments, visits, etc? Are their copays..are we responsible for what they don't cover? Any help would be much appreciated!
    Husband - age 30
    9/17/13 - Diagnosed with stage III
    10/4/13 - Began 4 x BEP

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    Hi Kalli, I don't know about medicaid, but I do know that the obamacare plan might be a good choice. It is pricey but they have to take all preexisting conditions from what i heard.
    Jen, wife of Sam, 33 years old

    primary mediastinal pure yoke sac tumor
    diagnosed Aug 2013
    AFP - 24,000
    3X- TIP regimen Aug 27
    2x- POMB/ACE Oct 28 **first mention of HDC
    AFP 136 Oct 28
    AFP 12,000 Jan 14
    2x VIP
    **after three month battle with insurance, we are changing insurances
    HDC and stem cell transplant march 1


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      My son was unemployed when he was diagnosed and trying to get him any assistance was like pulling a tooth from an unsedated lion. I was never so mad in my entire life. But what we did finally find out that because he had cancer and with all the treatments he couldn't work all he had to do was apply for ss disability and once that was approved he automatically was qualified for Medicare and it all grandfathered back to when he was first diagnosed. Don't know if this helps you in any way but might be worth checking out.

      Best of luck

      15 Dec 08 Son Vincent diagnosed with TC
      20 Dec 08 RT I/O, 85% EC,15% Teratoma
      3XBEP Feb to April 09
      18 Aug 09 ct scan,massive tumor in lymph nodes
      23 Sept 09 RPLND, 80% Immature Teratoma, 20% Mature Teratoma
      21 Dec 09 scan shows neck, abdomen and groin node enlargements
      21 Dec 09 Amended path report, Metastatic Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor as well as Metastatic Teratoma
      29 Dec 09 starts 6X VAC/IE
      7 March pet scan shows new disease, chemo stopped
      Hospice 5/11/10
      Passed away 5/15/10