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  • Quick insurance question...

    So I had really crappy insurance. Been through the brunt of my insurance,lots of money problems through it.

    Now fast forward til now. I have an opportunity to upgrade my benefits at my work. The question is if I do upgrade them is their a chance that they will now cover any new treatment I need(like catscans and bloodtests for survellience)

    thanks in advance.
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    IT depends if it is open time and you can now pick a different coverage like a lower out of pocket then I would say yes you are covered as long as they have been covering you prior to this. All you are doing is paying more for better coverage meaning less out of pocket.
    If it is new coverage then you might be subject to prior medical history, but as long as you continue your coverage with no gap and the new coverage is in a open enrollement then you might be covered from day one.
    I would read over the policy and if you have questions ask the HR rep that is in charge of your policy at work. Remember to get it in writing so if there is a question you have something to fall back on. Your State should also have a department that helps workers understand policies and makes sure that the employer follows the laws in your State. Trust me your employer DOESN'T want the state coming in looking at how they manage their health beneifits.
    Hope this helps
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