I am not one to push the big box stores some like them some hate them but Wal Mart / Sams is rolling out $4.00 generic drugs (has to be on their list) in a few states. You can go to Walmart.com and look under pharmacy and the details about what they cover is there. At this time there are 15 states covered but more are being added per some news I received today.
This is just a fyi to help those that might be able to use this information. Co-pays about drive me crazy since they all add up and don't count towards my Deduct
Here is a link to a news story on it for Iowa http://www.kcrg.com/news/local/4486946.html new link
27 states now covered if the link dies again\
Still no list on the other states walmart hasn't updated their list yet if you want to see if your state is included in this round just do a search on the web for news stories ref 4.00 generics and walmart they will pop up.

Update 10-28-06: The other big boxers are doing about the same thing along with some drug stores Target, Kmart and other are all making deals on SELECT drugs only one cancer drug listed but if you are trying to save a buck on your other meds it might help.