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    My fiance needs to start chemo immediately. He is stalling because the free clinic inside the hospital that is treating him is too far away and it is a dump. Everyone shows up at the same time for their appointments, you sit for 4-6 hours just waiting, your appointments get screwed up and no one calls you to tell you not to bother coming, it is becoming a nightmare. He is waiting to see if he is going to be approved for a state medical card (Medicaid), and I have been calling doctors and hospitals all over DuPage County, but I can't find a doctor that will take him with or without the card...

    Does anyone know of an oncologist in this that will take medicaid or no insurance...but bill him with no insurance, not expect payment at the door, he is not working since he took a lot of time off for surgery, and A LOT of appointments...

    Thank you...he really needs some help here.

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    If you haven't found an answer already, I'd suggest contacting LIVESTRONG SurvivorCare at 1-866-235-7205 for advice.
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