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    Don - Thanks much for responding. This takes a lot of worry off my mind. I will email you and let you know how it goes.


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      Just read your post regarding SSI, I don't know what your sons status is right now but my son is 26 and he did in fact apply for short term disability through SSI and he has been approved. It did take about 3 months but he has it which will provide some income for him and will also provide him with Medicaid to help pay where his other medical insurance leaves off. Hope this helps. Renea Rosson
      Mother of Derick Danko 26 yr. old first diagnoised in July 06. Left Orchiectomy 9/28/06. Found to be Non-Seminoma mixed germ cell to include embroyonal and teratoma carcinoma. Began 4XBEP and finished in December 06. February 19, 2007, met with Dr. Roth at Vanderbilt for consultation re: stem cell transplant. Started VIP February 26, 2007, resulted in complications. Derick lost is battle with TC March 9, 2007.


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        For the UK

        This link may be of interest to those of us in the UK. It is from the Department of Works and Pension. It was updated in April 2008

        "This medical guidance for Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance Decision Makers has been developed by the Departments Health and Benefits Division with help from experts involved in patient care. It contains background information on the more common medical conditions in DLA/AA claims, their treatment, the likely disabling effects together with the likely impact on ability to self care and get around. "

        The part on TC is:

        Left orchiectomy May 2008, AFP 1600, βHCG 200and normal after 5 months (AFP4, βHCG<1)
        Non-Seminoma stage 1 - Under surveillance
        3 years on and still all clear


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          Here is another site with information. It states that it outlines all of each state’s public and private health care choices for individuals and groups in almost every demographic profile, as well as offering a reference list of phone numbers and web sites.
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          Stage IIC Non-seminoma
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            I'm covered by a critical illness insurance, which basically means I'll get a one-time lump of money of around $30,000 if I'm diagnosed with a serious illness - cancer or otherwise. But it doesn't really help if you've already been diagnosed - it only provides monetary help if you ever get a serious illness again.

            Right I/O, 11/27-2003 | Nonseminoma (embryonal carcinoma, teratoma) | Surveillance

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              Insurance...what's that?

              Good Morning Everyone,

              My name is Choppy (Ron) and I'm new to this forum. Thank you for activating my account and being a part of the discussions.

              I'm 36 y/o and started to feel discomfort/pain in my groin (left side) as well as the left testicle. Without knowing what it could be and really not certain what may come out of it, I decided to keep it to myself and not tell anyone; let alone any doctor.

              I recently finished school for MBC (Medical Billing and Coding) and didn't have insurance. Currently I do have Medicaid through the state (Florida), who then placed me in with 'HealthEase'. After furthe review of what I have, I finally decided to visit the doctor who had me try a couple different antibiotics - in which they didn't work. I then went to visit the hospital because the closest Urologist my PCP referred me to was over 30 miles away (about an hour or so drive), that was within network of Medicaid.

              Long story short, the initial dianosis was 'Epididymitis' in my left testicle. I then returned (last week) and was told that wasn't the case and after further review of the ultrasounds, they diagnosed me with TM (Testicular Microlithiasis). They gave me a little bit of a stronger pain killer as the pain was just 'there' and wasn't going anywhere and a shot something I don't recall; just know it also had 'lidocaine' in it.

              My issue is this: I've spoken to my insurance company (HealthEase) about how I'm having troubles locating a Urologist who will accept my insurance. They guided me to their website in which I made 25+ calls to all of their specialist that I'm able to travel to and all have said they're not accepting any plans from Medicaid.

              This leaves me the only option I have left, which is a hospital visit. But then again, that's just a waste of my time (currently) because now that I know what the problem is, I just don't have a doctor to f/u with.

              In laymen's terms, I'm not exactly certain what TM is. I have the 'jif' of it, but I'm unsure exactly if it can 'lead' to TC or it's either you have it or you have TM....I'm not exactly certain.

              I apologize for the lengthy post (lol).

              Thank you for any input any of you may have, any assistance you may be able to provide and at least, or at least lending your ear and eyes. I look forward to getting to know everyone in the near future.