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Tricare Prime anyone?

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  • Tricare Prime anyone?

    My son's father is still active duty military so he has Tricare Prime - which is amazing! They pretty much take care of everything. But we are in the South Region, and Indiana University WOULD be in the North Region, geographically, IF there were Tricare Prime benefits in that area.

    Dr. Einhorn has highly suggested that we seek a specialist for Zach's RPLND. Has anyone else undergone treatment with Tricare Prime and had to seek services outside the region? Any contacts or advise on who to contact? I suspect that IU will start looking into the insurance side of things and let us know what's up, but I'm just trying to get ahead fo the game and trying to see if IU will be financially feasible for us.
    Mom to Zachary - dx. at the age of 15 - Stage IIIC mixed germ cell
    5.10.17 - Initial diagnosis
    Baseline markers: BhCG: 43,882 AFP: 138 LDH: 328

    5.16.17 - Left Radical orchiectomy (total tumor size 7x5x4cm)
    5.31.17 - CT Scan showed mets to retroperitoneal LNs (5.7x6.4x9.4cm, 1.7x2.6x3.5cm, 3.1x4.5x6.1cm)
    PATH: Mixed germ cell (75% teratoma, 15% embryonal ca, 8% yolk sac tumor, & 2% trophoblastic tumor) Spermatic cord margin, neg. Germ cell neoplasia in situ present.

    Post-op markers: BhCG: 73,837 AFP: 38 LDH: 412

    BEP#1 6.9.17 BhCG:77,721, AFP 34
    BEP#2 7.3.17 BhCG: 210, AFP: 6
    BEP#3 7.24.17 BhCG: 19 AFP: 3
    BEP#4 8.14.17 BhCG: 4.59 AFP: 5

    8.28.17 BhCG 2.46, AFP 6
    9.7.17 BhCG 1.78, AFP 3

    RPLND 9.14.17 - path report showed 100% teratoma in nodes removed! ALL CLEAR!