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Insurance Declined the 2nd part of Tandem Stem Cell Transplant

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  • Insurance Declined the 2nd part of Tandem Stem Cell Transplant

    I was told from the outset that insurance might not pay for two autologous stem cell transplants & High Dose Chemotherapies.

    The independent reviewer of my appealed claim chose not to approve my 2nd round of Chem & stem cells.

    I've had normal blood tests and scans since the completion of round 1. So it's been about 5 months and I'm apparently in remission.

    Life goes on... no complaints here.

    - Josh

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    Plenty of Chemo (PC)
    Far Fewer Lymph Nodes (FFLN)
    More of My Own Stem Cells (MMOSC)

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    Originally posted by Robert2112
    My attorney got them to change their mind in court, when their attorney asked me to show the finger I had broken.
    I've got a feeling I know just which finger it was...
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      odd angle

      This is an odd angle, but I have had some success for patients that I have cared for. While dealing with the "folks" make sure to get their names. Then during the conversation, make sure that they know that their name will be placed with yours on the documentation about the disease and the situation that you are dealing with. Somehow it creates a picture that will carry with them to their pillow at night!?!! Although most are probably caring people, many people, when allowed to work outside of the boudaries of emotional responsiblity, will choose to be guided by the comforts of the mechanics of the institution. Bringing it home to the name, the symbol of the person, side by side with another, sometimes softens the edge. ( I have been working on my documentation of complaint to the kaiser system...can you tell! ) Is your doctor fighting for you!!! Keep on it!! Take care, Russell's mom, Sharon
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