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  • Already Bald
    Hi Chris,
    I think there are a few people who work in the insurance industry on this forum who can be better help to you- but I switched during my 2nd chemo cycle. I was worried about paying dup copays and having an existing condition- "Would I be covered??"
    I have to say, dealing with the new company was real easy- I just called them and explained my situation and concerns- (I was speaking to a manager) - everything went smoothly.
    Also, get your corporation contact (usually HR) involved, they are sure to be helpful.

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  • BouncingChris
    started a topic Changing Insurance

    Changing Insurance

    As of July 2, franchisee I work for will have sold out to Corporate. Therefore my insurance is changing.

    Earlier in the year I had a $2200 maximum deductible. Which I met quite easily being diagnosed in February.

    Now we're switching to a new insurance with a $1500 dollar maximum deductible, will I have to pay an additional $1500? Or am I grandfathered through with my $2200?

    I don't understand what's going to happen?