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    Due to the lack of information available, knowledge , and low rate of awareness in regards to TC I have been considering making up some kind of really nice finished binder or information package with laminated pages that if approved by local and state goverment could be passed out at school, Dr offices for pediatrics up to age 30. I would like to incorperate info on the self exam and how important it is to do self exams, info on how to teach you child to check themselves, how to discuss problem and make it easy for younger men to feel at ease asking for their parents for help without feeling imbarrassed- Information about common things that are found while doing the exam and what to do if something does feel abnormal...a little info about infections, parts of the anatomy, cysts, symptoms and warning signs of TC--Info on TC, how and where to get help and obviously information about our web-site.. I really would like everyones opinion on this and for you to send me links to articles you feel would be appropriate to insert into this presentation... I think that there is alot of information in regards to cancer out there but not nearly enough about TC.. I could start this in Florida as kind of a trial and if it works, maybe it could be something that Physicains offices across the nation could give to parents of young men and other patients to raise awareness.. If they accept it then maybe schools could share this information in health class/physical education or science classes--anyway they can to raise awareness.. I think the 2 biggest problems with young people having this disease is they don't know how to address the problem with thier parents, they know nothing about TC or they just don't know the warning signs.. Becuase I can't ride a bike, run a marathon or participate in any activities to raise funds for research this would be my way of giving back(in the only way I can at this piont) and I would really appreciate the input of anyone willing to share their knowledge!!!!!!!! So What do you think???? THANKS!!!! DON
    Moffitt Cancer Institute
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    I think this is a great idea and I would be willing to help you anyway I can. Since I am new to all this I don't know how much help I can be but I will be there to help. This is such an important thing that young men need to know about.


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      Public Awareness

      I really like this idea too. I am trying to get an article in the paper right now for our local Relay for Life but my real purpose is two fold. It is to generate awareness and drum up support for our local Relay but to also tell our community about TC. I live the LIVESTRONG gear but really wish we had somewhere that had more accessories specific to TC. April
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