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MD looking for families with both testicular cancer and CNS germ cell tumors

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  • MD looking for families with both testicular cancer and CNS germ cell tumors

    I am a pediatric neuro-oncologist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Boston, MA). I am interested in hearing from any patients or families in which there are both cases of testicular cancer and central nervous system germ cell tumors (e.g., CNS germinomas, CNS mixed germinomas, CNS non-germinomatous germ cell tumors). Please note that this does not include testicular cancer that has metastasized to the brain, or families with both testicular cancer and other tumors (colon, breast, etc.) that have metastasized to the brain. I am also interested in hearing from families that have a history of both testicular cancer and other primary brain tumors (astrocytoma, oligodendroglioma, medulloblastoma, ependymoma, etc).

    I work with a group that is interested in looking for genes that control both CNS and non-CNS germ cell tumors. If you are a patient or a family memeber that fits this description and are willing to discuss your disease and/or family history with me, please e-mail me at samuel_blackman(at) (replace (at) with @).

    Thanks for your help,

    Samuel C. Blackman, MD, PhD
    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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    I notice that Dr. Blackman is participating in the Pan-Mass Challenge, with a $100,000 fundraising goal. I wish him the best of luck! See this link for details.

    I hope one day to take on the Pan-Mass Challenge myself. It includes some challenging routes!
    Scott, [email protected]
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      ...and thanks from us Dr. Sam!!!!!!! No neuro element here, but will keep a watch as I go. Russell's mom, Sharon
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        Hey! I've met him before! He regularly attends the Monday peds neuroonc meetings I go to!
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          ..and I got to sit in Fed's car! Doesn't it feel good to be around such inspirational people!!!!!!

          Dr. Sam, There is a Second Opinion Group in San Francisco. It is a team of UCSF docs etc. that get together for a tumor board for any California resident with a cancer or reocurring cancer diagnosis. (not peds however) They link disease with care facilities around the nation. (my belief is that these people are at the top of Maslow's chart!) Possibly they could work with you, offer referrals or have ideas of other connections. Lori is the intake person, feel free to mention our names! Sharon and Russell

          The Second Opinion, through the Regional Cancer Foundation on Gough St. Our urology oncology connection was Dr. Thomas, and Dr, Meng is Uro Onc Surgeon.

          Take care, Sharon
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