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  • topshelf
    hey dan .. first off i give you my sincerest condolences on andrew .. they say the quality of ones life should be judged on how they affect other people s lives .. and just from a 20 minute meeting with andrew and everything i have read on this board and his blog .. he has reached and touched more people than you guys probably even realize or that i ever can .. and he will stay with us for ever .
    as for the events .. i run alot of events for charity in the ny/nj area so if you like you can get in touch with me whenever you like and i can through a few ideas to help you ....
    as for the team ride .. where do you plan on riding?. i see your registered for austin , but is the the austin ride series or austin ride for the roses?

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  • dadmo
    I was able to get in contact with some people at Guinness and they are not shooting down the idea of helping you. Right now it's just being kicked UP the food chain in their organization.

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  • Scott
    I'd like to find some way to team with you on this. I hope to see you again at the Ride for the Roses!

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  • dadmo
    I know Don was looking at doing a T-Shirt with Andrews picture and the tc forum logo on the front. I don't know how many would be interested in buying any but I'm sure in for a few.
    Since Andrew was such a lover of Guinness I was wondering if they might offer some help. I will take that on as a personel challange and begin working that tomarrow.
    I'm gonna put on my thinking cap and see if I can come up with something more meaningful.

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  • okiedan
    started a topic Andrew's Ride must go on

    Andrew's Ride must go on

    Thanks again to everyone for their condolences and the words that they had to say about Andrew (on this forum and in comments on his blog)

    As you know Andrew was very dedicated to supporting the LAF through fundraising for the Ride for the Roses and as an advocate.

    I flew into Tulsa as soon as Andrew was hospitalized -- and got to talk to him before he entered a morphine enduced haze.

    Andrew asked me to promise that I would make sure that he reaches his fundraising goal this year and that I would pick up where he left off in this respect.

    (He had his wife promise that she would apply to be an advocate for the LAF)

    I have a few fundraising ideas -- but Andrew had high expectations for himself -- and it will not be easy to reach the goal without help in this effort.

    So I thought I would put out a posting -- and see what ideas other people had as far as fundraising goes.

    one idea that I had at this point was to put together a 2007 Calendar in tribute to Andrew and then offer the calendar out as a thank you to people for donating over a certain dollar amount
    (I am an artist and produce an annual calendar of my art work -- While I was at the hospital -- I coped with the situation by sitting by his bedside and drawing with colored pencils -- so I figured that I would take 12 of these drawings and compile a calendar)

    also might try and arrange a charity poker tournament (something I was working on last year -- but did not get all the paper work sorted)

    Also this year they have a team option -- where you can have people join your team and try and reach a team goal
    Currently Andrew has 4 people on his team but was trying to get 10 people on the team and has a team goal of $50,000

    So if anyone would like to join his team
    either go to the donation link on his blog or paste this url into your browser

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    Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can provide in helping me help Andrew reach his goal