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In Honor of Andrew (AJ Molenda)

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  • In Honor of Andrew (AJ Molenda)

    I have some good news to share

    my wife gave birth to twins on April 5 (a boy, Alexander Jack and a girl - Natasha Grace)

    and in honor of Andrew we named the boy Alexander Jack - so his initials would be AJ

    Back when Andrew was born - I was a young child and a wicked speech problem--- so I could not pronounce Andrew -- I was very frustrated by this -- I kept trying to say Andrew but could not -- so I started calling him by his initials AJ -- that nickname stuck with him until he went to college

    (as a funny side note to this story -- we were living in boston at the time -- and I was in intensive speech therapy for a few years -- by the time I was 7 all my speech problems were corrected but I had been taught by a speech therapist who had a strong back bay boston accent -- so when I was 8 and we moved to oklahoma -- they could not understand a word that I said and I got put back into speech therapy)

    As soon as I told Andrew that I was going to be a father -- he was super excited that he was going to be an uncle

    he was really looking forward to meeting his niece and nephew --

    regretably that never happened -- but I know that he is up there looking down on us with a smile on his face when I am waking up at 4 am to change diapers --- and I know that Andrews spirit will live on in his children and in his neice and nephew

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    Congratulations on the twins. These two new members of the family are sure to have a special Guardian Angel.
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      great news dan and congratulations .. my oldest son is an AJ anthonj joseph ... good to know that your kids will have a gaurdian angel watching over them in andrew ....
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        Congratulations, Dan!!

        As a fellow father of twins (who are almost 8), I have some idea what you're dealing with. How often do well-meaning strangers say, "You sure have your hands full!"?
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          Congratulations Dan, thats great news!! Thanks for sharing this with us.

          That story about the speech therapist in Boston is hilarious!!

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            congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would of taken 10 if the good lord would of gave them to us!!!! happy parenting!
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              Dan, Congrats to you and your family!!!! When I was 9 I lost my 5 year old sister to leukemia. My daughter's middle name is Susan, after my sister. We talk about her Aunt Susan all the time and ask that she watches over us. I know in my heart she does, and I know in my heart Andrew will always be protecting your children and laughing alongside them. And you really WILL sleep again!! How exciting!!!
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                Congratulations Dan!!!!!!!
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