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World Community Grid - Help cancer researchers (for free!))

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  • World Community Grid - Help cancer researchers (for free!))

    I'd like to encourage everyone to join World Community Grids project called Help Defeat Cancer. You can do so by downloading and running a small program from their website. The program only uses spare CPU-cycles on your computer, so it won't slow it down. The concept is much like the [email protected] project, which ran some years ago.

    World Community Grid is sponsored by IBM to help scientists at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Rutgers University and UMDNJ - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School analyze large amounts of data to further cancer research. There is more information on the Help Defeat Cancer project here.

    I have run the program for some time now and in addition to being able to help out, it's actually a cool little program and fun to check out the different stats

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    I'm only posting this message so that the members might see what goes on behind the scenes. Originally, a someone joined the forum only to post a link to this project. I was very suspicious and delete the post. After I deleted it I began to poke around in the link that was provided and at the same time Scott asked if I had checked out the link. I mentioned that it looked fine to me and not much after that Rune said that he was failure with the site. The three moderators involved agreed that this was something that we should support and as a result Rune cleaned up the post and provided the link. I want to thank Rune for providing the link again and Scott for questioning my decision, it’s this interaction between us that keeps the site relevant.
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