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Research Study: Sleep Treatment Education Program (STEP-YA)

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  • Research Study: Sleep Treatment Education Program (STEP-YA)

    Are you a young adult cancer survivor and having trouble falling or staying asleep?

    The Sleep Treatment Education Program for Young Adult Cancer Survivors (STEP-YA), is a study of online education to help cancer survivors age 20-39 who have completed their treatment and are still experiencing insomnia.

    The purpose of the study is to learn if a single online education session, either with or without two telephone coaching sessions, can help improve survivors’ sleep. Participants in this study will first complete health questionnaires and then be randomized to the STEP-YA session either alone or with coaching phone calls one and two weeks later. STEP-YA is delivered by an instructor over videoconference and teaches survivors how to make changes to their sleep habits and health behaviors to improve their sleep. Participants will also complete questionnaires at the time of their session and again 1 and 2 months later and will receive gift cards for completing all surveys.

    Watch their short 90 second video and check out more information at

    If you would like to participate or have questions about this study, contact a study coordinator at 617-582-8260 or [email protected] and a member of the study team will respond. You will be asked a few questions to determine whether you are eligible for this study."​
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