To all members, after many emails, inquiries and posts regarding the Google AD's as well as members asking if they can make a donation to the website, I felt it was time to share how we "exist" financially with everyone, publicly.

Some members do like like the Google AD's on the website. However the Google AD's help offset MY personal costs of the server by (on average) 35-40%. For those of you who do not already know, is not a for-profit organization, but neither is it a registered 501(c)(3). It's just a website. Visitors and forum members aren't solicited for donations to and actually, any inquiries we have had for donations in the past 2 years have been respectfully declined.

No one associated with the site earns a penny from it. We're only "paid" by knowing we have helped other people. We spend countless hours running the backend technical part of the website and server, administering and contributing to the forums not for personal gain but for love of humanity and to help fulfill "the obligation of the cured." We all have day jobs and families.

Please feel free to view the two attached images. The first one is a scan of the revenue from the AD's. You will see the total for June 2007 was $332.86. You can also see that today's revenue was a mere $3.71. Then please view the second scan. This is the invoice from our server company showing the costs associated to keep this website "alive". I also added a few comments directly on the scan to explain certain items. You will see the total for this June 2007 invoice is $828.00.

Note: The items on the images/scans that you will see are blacked out are blacked out becuase they contain my personal information and it is not necessary or appropriate to include personal information on a public forum.

In short, this is a negative cash-flow of $495.14 for this invoice. I will tell you right upfront that since this is my server I do have other things on it (family member websites, personal stuff, etc.) but does utilize around 94% of all server resources each month. The others could be hosted on a $10 hosting package anywhere. I also get to learn new things with the server so please, dont feel bad that I have to pay for it because I am paying for it for myself. In my eyes, the AD's on pay for the usage - reimburses me a portion. The rest that I pay is for my use only even so its a tiny fraction in resources.

I am sharing this only to have everyone understand that this is NOT a positive cash flow. It is NOT a business. This is something we enjoy doing for our fellow survivors and co-survivors. I just ask that everyone be tolerant of the AD's as they help me dearly from a financial standpoint. When I started this a $10 hosting package worked fine. Now, even if we go with a budget host that advertises cheap hosting with LOTS of resources, the site mysteriously goes "down". IMO - this is their server admin messing with us trying to get us to leave because we are using so much "power" on their shared servers.

Once again this post is NOT to solicit any donations or other financial help. I am perfectly fine with everything as it is setup - as long as you all are. I also want to throw in that the work invested by our Admins (including Scott) and Moderators is worth so much more than what I "handle", infact its priceless. They literally invest hours each day to keep things running smoothly - that is more I can say for myself (hence the reason you do not see me posting nearly as much - but dont worry, I am a daily lurker!). The work these guys and gals invest makes my part look like a drop in the bucket. For these folks and for all of YOU that make this site the wonderful community it is, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. WE DO SAVE LIVES! I know this first hand because when I relapsed in 2004 with Stage III, you guys saved mine!

Should this "website" be made into an official organization? Not sure what the benefits (or downfalls) would be but its definately something that is open to discussion.

We do welcome feedback and opinions on this subject, however as with any thread on the website, we reserve the right to remove any posts that are not on topic or appropriate. If you have something to share of a more private nature, please be sure to PM both Scott and Myself.

Thanks again to all!
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