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  • Scott
    LAF and CDC Announce National Action Plan for Cancer Survivorship


    Plan Aims to Advance Public Health Strategies Targeting Survivor Needs

    AUSTIN, Texas — April 15, 2004 — The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced today the release of the National Action Plan for Cancer Survivorship — a joint effort to help the public health community effectively and comprehensively address cancer survivorship issues faced by the growing number of cancer survivors living with, through and beyond cancer.

    “The National Action Plan will help cancer survivors across the country get access to the resources, information and support they need,” said Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor and founder of the LAF. “When I was diagnosed with testicular cancer eight years ago, nobody really discussed cancer survivorship issues because few people understood the issues or how to address them. Today, the LAF and CDC are changing that.”

    “Together CDC and the LAF are charting a new course for the public health community to help cancer survivors enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer,” said Julie Gerberding, MD, MPH, director of the CDC.

    Medical technology innovations have led to earlier diagnoses and improved treatment of most cancers, resulting in more people surviving cancer every year. Today, more than 10 million cancer survivors live in the United States. They face a unique set of physical, psychological, social, spiritual and financial challenges throughout their diagnoses and treatment, and continuing through the rest of their lives. While several public health initiatives promote early detection and prevention of cancer, many public health organizations do not currently address cancer survivorship issues. With the release of the National Action Plan, the LAF, CDC and their partners in public health are making a commitment to adopt a comprehensive approach to cancer survivorship.

    The National Action Plan provides information about preventing secondary cancers and recurrence of cancer, promoting appropriate disease management following diagnosis and treatment and minimizing preventable pain, disability and psychosocial distress. Further, the plan promotes support for cancer survivors in accessing the resources and the support of family, peer and community to better cope with their disease. The plan will be distributed to state-based public health organizations as a guidance tool for use in their comprehensive cancer control and survivorship programs.

    The LAF, CDC, and their partners will use the National Action Plan to increase awareness among the general public, policy makers, researchers, advocates, and survivors of the role public health can play in advancing cancer survivorship issues and to stimulate organizations to take action for and on behalf of cancer survivors. Implementation of the proposed strategies listed in the plan may ultimately improve the overall experience and quality of life of the millions of Americans who are living with, through, and beyond cancer.

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  • Scott
    started a topic Lance Armstrong Foundation News

    Lance Armstrong Foundation News

    The Lance Armstrong Foundation has announced Live Strong, a comprehensive resource for cancer survivors launched earlier this year. Live Strong educates cancer survivors, their friends and family, and health care professionals about topics of survivorship.
    • Hear real stories from real survivors sharing their experiences
    • Read easy-to-understand information about survivorship topics
    • Connect with resources that provide targeted survivorship programs
    • Learn how to live as a cancer survivor, and learn how to Live Strong
    Visit to learn more.