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    Don't know if any of you are experiencing this, but I have been getting a TON of "bounced" email messages and other emails that have been infected with a couple of email worms.

    Full info on the latest threats are available at the McAfee and Symantec (Norton) websites on viruses. One of the worms is called "[email protected]" and another is "W32/[email protected]" (at least those are the ones I've been seeing).

    For those new to these threats, what happens is that an infected computer will create and send emails with an attachment which, if opened, will infect another computer. The "from" field is "spoofed", which means you might get messages saying that an email from you contained a virus. This does NOT necessarily mean your computer is infected, only that somebody's computer is sending out emails with YOUR email address as the "from" address.

    DO NOT open any attachments unless you are sure of the source. If you have anti-virus software, make sure it is up to date. If you are afraid your computer might be infected, visit the McAfee or Symantec sites and you will find that they have free tools you can download to check for the worm(s) and remove it, if necessary.

    This will all end in a few weeks when the expiration date for the worms arrives. (But there will be another one down the pike sooner or later!)

    I have been getting these at both my tc-cancer email address and my personal email address.

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    Teri, like you I have more than one e-mail address and I have been receiving this lovely thing in several accounts.

    But what you said is correct, the persons name on the e-mail is not the one sending it.

    Some one who have not updated their anti-virus lately has been infected and their address book has been raided and e-mails have been spoofed.

    Please update your anti-virus and see if we can stop this on our forum.
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