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    OK, folks, I have been taking a crash course in ParaChat (we won't talk about the HTML and PHP collisions along the way ).

    Here is some basic info about the chatroom:

    I have "reserved" chat names for those members who seem to be active over the past month or so. They are your member names. The way the chatroom works is this: anyone can log in under any name, with or without a password. However, those names that have been reserved for our members have a password. By default, the password is 1234. If you want to chat, I would strongly recommend that you send an email or private message to one of the admins (Teri, Scott, or tccancer (James)) with your member name, preferred email address, and requested password. We can change your password, and will confirm by email that we have done so.

    As for new members, please drop us a line if you would like to have a "reserved" name with a password. This way, we hope to avoid confusion as to the identity of people in the chatroom.

    When you login, you will find a little "toolkit" that will enable you to change the appearance of the chatroom window on your computer (small hammer icon on the lower right of the chat window). There, you have options to change your font size, colors, sounds, etc. If you get tired of making manual changes, let one of us know and we can make it a default for you.

    If you have any problems with anything related to the chatroom, please drop one of us a line, or go to the documentation at the ParaChat site (click on the small "Powered by ParaChat" icon in the login window). The program that is applicable to our site is ParaChat AC.

    Please give us your feedback and suggestions about the chatroom!