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Any correlation discovered between Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's, and TC surgery?

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    Would like to update this a bit...

    I had testosterone levels pulled way back in 2011 before my thyroid diagnosis and treatment.

    It was near 488 total and 88 free

    Pretty low for around morning-midday ranges for a late 20 something.

    I figured a combination of my thyroid disorder and low T has been the cause of my ED symptoms and low libido for the past year or so.

    However, I checked my labs from June where I had Testosterone pulled again, and it was at a total of 606 and 126 free?!

    That's off the scale and unfortunately can't find anyone with recorded free levels that high.

    I still have the symptoms which seemingly are directly caused by the thyroid disorder. I suppose I would like to change my meds too to attempt to fix this issue as I'm still on Armour and while it does some good obviously, I just don't like it. Figured that was a little interesting, though.
    Dx: 10/4/10
    Blood Results for tumor markers came back Normal.
    Surgery/ Left I/O: 10/26/10
    11/2/10 - Pathology report came in, 100% seminoma with no evidence of cord invasion. 3 foci, 1.1cm, 0.6cm, and 0.3cm.
    11/3/10 - CT scan of Pelvis and Chest is clear, no abnormalities.
    11/18/10- Surveillance
    10/26/11 - All Clear