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Clinical Stage 1 TC - Active Surveillance is preferred

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  • Clinical Stage 1 TC - Active Surveillance is preferred

    Big names in TC endorse Active Surveillance for Clinical Stage 1 TC.

    Got this from TCRC listserv from Chris Booker:

    Interesting reading.
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    Dr E has been recommending this for many years now, it's good to see he now has a lot of docs agreeing & that they have issued such a strong statement. For those that may not take the time to read the small print, the gist of it is:

    For clinical stage 1 TC, with no LVI, no matter if seminoma or non-seminoma: Active surveillance is the preferred treatment. Adjuvant therapies are not recommended & are likely over-treatment.

    The era of primary retroperitoneal lymph node dissection as management of CSI nonseminoma has passed.
    If I read that statement wrong, please feel free to correct me.

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