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    One of the first things I did when diagnosed is try to find out what may have caused TC to develop. The one thing I've found on reputable websites (Mayo Clinc for example) that I was diagnosed with we're testicular microlithiasis. Anybody else with this diagnosis? Btw I was diagnosed with this about 14 years ago when I had an ultrasound for epidydimitis. Wish I would've know this was something to really watch.
    8/5/2013 - right I/O 8/20/2013 - classic seminoma (tumor size 5.5 cm confined to testis. No spermatic cord involvement. Lymph vascular invasion present.) 9/04/2013 - CT scan results - All clear 9/23/2013 - met with 2nd oncologist - stage 1B 9/26/2013 - dose 1 of 2 of carboplatin 10/17/2013 - dose 2 of 2 of carboplatin 11/15/2013 - follow up. Still anemic 11/27/2013 - thyroid ultrasound for pain in throat - all clear 12/2013 - throat pain dx as intubation injury and stomatitis

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    I believe it is more likely for someone with microlithiasis to developed tescticular cancer, but I also believe they aren't sure why.

    I had microlithiasis in my left when I had the ultrasound before the I/O.
    January 13th - Found mass in left testicle on ultrasound.
    January 20th - Left Orchiectomy
    January 22nd - Pathology Report: 100% EC, no invasion, tumor markers normal.
    July 7th, Clear scan, LDH barely elevated


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      My lefty was also diagnosed with this. In other words, calcification of the testicle. Almost every calcification that one sees in the soft tissues in actual radiographic practice is due to dystrophic calcification. What does this mean? Simply this: when tissue is damaged, the body responds to this injury in a nonspecific manner by invoking the generic inflammatory response reaction. This sometimes ends with calcification of the damaged tissue. This calcification is probably usually only microscopic, but is occasionally enough to be seen radiographically.

      This brings me back to when I was in high school, and my friends used to think it was fun to punch each other in the balls. Inadvertently, this may have triggered microscopic damage that eventually became TC. I recall another super user here from a while ago who reported taking a shot in the groin, and noticed his testicle shrunk days or weeks after. Later being diagnosed with TC. Being that I have one left, I'm considering wearing a cup for the rest of my natural life. I wonder if there are similar occurrences with physical damage and subsequent TC development. I imagine the shot would have to be substantial and perfect timing for calcification to set in, but I do know that the other user who took a shot had a similar occurrence and pathology to myself. Shrinkage of affected testicle, pathology to reveal 100% seminoma with no spread.

      Did anyone see the report of their other testicle after the initial ultrasound? My right one was quoted as being "unremarkable" as in no visible abnormalities.
      Dx: 10/4/10
      Blood Results for tumor markers came back Normal.
      Surgery/ Left I/O: 10/26/10
      11/2/10 - Pathology report came in, 100% seminoma with no evidence of cord invasion. 3 foci, 1.1cm, 0.6cm, and 0.3cm.
      11/3/10 - CT scan of Pelvis and Chest is clear, no abnormalities.
      11/18/10- Surveillance
      10/26/11 - All Clear


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        I had microlithiasis too.
        Born 1982.
        2001 TC 1A (embryo carcinome) + RPLND, clear.
        2013 TC 2B (mixed embryo chorio thera yolk sac + vasal invasion) + 2xBEP, clear.
        TRT: Nebido insufficient, switched to Testogel 50mg.


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          I recently had a right I/O, but the ultrasound reported bilateral microlithiasis. I read online about research and the apparent correlation that there seems to be between the two.

          I asked about it during my oncology appointment at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The doc (a great doctor and a leading researcher in TC), reassured me that there was no scientific correlation that has been shown between the two and it shouldn't have an impact (I was especially concerned since the microlithiasis was bilateral so I was worried about an increased risk of TC on the other side).


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            I had it too when I had a second ultrasound on my remaining testicle. I emailed Dr. Einhorn immiediatly and he told me that there is NO correlation. He even reference a large military study that proved this. If you want, I could even pull up that email.


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              I have also


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                I pulled up this thread because I didn't see the need to start a new one.

                Like some of you, I was found to have micro lithiasis in both testicles. I had the left one removed because that's where the tumor was.
                Last week when I went to my oncologist (3/9/17) I mentioned I was having some discomfort in the other testicle. She could sense I was panicked even though I kept calm and said that since my ultrasound report mentioned micro lithiasis in both testicles, I might be feeling some discomfort from that.

                I notice it when I'm either sitting for an extended period of time or when I'm moving around quickly. Anyone else experience this?