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    Testicular Cancer Cells Weakened by Heat

    TUESDAY, July 25 (HealthDay News) -- Heat sensitivity may make testicular cancer cells more susceptible to standard cancer treatments, prompting them to die off more readily than other kinds of cancer cells, new research suggests.

    The finding may help explain why seven-time Tour de France bicycle race champion Lance Armstrong and other testicular cancer patients have far better survival rates than patients with other advanced cancers.

    In order to keep heat-sensitive sperm safe, the testes are a few degrees cooler than the rest of the body. When testicular cancer cells spread to the rest of the body, warmer temperatures may cause a weakening of protein scaffolding within the nucleus of the cells, said a team of Johns Hopkins researchers reporting in the July 26 Journal of the American Medical Association.

    This increase in heat makes the DNA in the cancer cell's nucleus more vulnerable to radiation and chemotherapy, they said.

    The Baltimore experts reviewed more than 30 years of research on testicular cancer. They suggested that heat also may prove effective against other kinds of cancer.

    "If we understand how heat may naturally help kill testicular cancer cells, then perhaps we can make it happen in other solid tumors. More than 80 percent of men with widespread testicular cancer can achieve a cure. In other cancers, the cure rate is far less," Robert Getzenberg, professor and director of urology research at Johns Hopkins, said in a prepared statement.

    In the past, scientists have noted that fevers accompanying infections sometimes improved outcomes for cancer patients. However, until now, no link has been made between heat and weakened protein scaffolding in testicular cancer cells.

    The Hopkins team plans to study ways to deliver heat directly to cancer cells and to test the methods in animals.

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    Very Interesting Article..Thanks!
    Mother of TC survivor.
    Son, Josh 20, diagnosed Jan. 24, 2005. Left Orchiechtomy Jan.31, 2005. 4XBPE March 7th to May 28th 2005.


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      Hyperthermic Biology and Cancer Therapies: A Hypothesis for the "Lance Armstrong Effe

      url for summary Danebert posted...very interseting!!!

      Hyperthermic Biology and Cancer Therapies
      A Hypothesis for the "Lance Armstrong Effect"

      Donald S. Coffey, PhD; Robert H. Getzenberg, PhD; Theodore L. DeWeese, MD

      JAMA. 2006;296:445-448.

      There is perhaps no more important question in cancer research than to understand the molecular basis of how the majority of patients with testicular cancer can be treated so effectively. For instance, how could Lance Armstrong, who was diagnosed with very advanced metastatic testicular cancer, be treated so successfully that he could subsequently win multiple grueling Tours de France? Although such therapeutic success is now common for many patients with this type of advanced testicular cancer, this type of outcome is unattainable for the majority of patients with other types of advanced solid tumors. What accounts for the astounding therapeutic success with testicular cancer, and can this outcome be explained both at the cellular and molecular levels? Understanding the basis for the "Lance Armstrong effect" may provide therapeutic targets to enhance cures of other common advanced solid tumors that remain so refractory to the best systemic treatments.
      Retired moderator. Husband, left I/O 16Dec2005, stage I seminoma with elevated b-HCG, no LVI, RTx15 (25Gy). All clear ever since.


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        Actually I noticed first pain during driving on a hot summer day
        and it got better when I use Aircon and cool it byu ventilation

        and it continued like this for a week before it gots worse
        I was on a holiday in south of france

        so I think there is some relation
        just an experience
        diagnose 18 Aug 06
        Orchiectomy 24 Aug 06
        pure Seminoma, markers normal, PALP positive
        CT 35x45x60 mm at L3
        EPx4 cycle from 6 Oct 2006
        CT no shrinkage after 4 cycle, PET negative 12 Jan 07
        Post chemo mass resection 14 Feb 07
        Found mature teratoma (unusual for seminoma)
        Surveillance !


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          I wonder what would of happened if I would of just heated it up every day for a while with a heat pack.
          Aged 23 ;; 09/06 left I/O ;; Markers normal ;; 100% Seminoma Stage 1. ;; 10x8x16mm & 7x7x8mm ;; rete testis invasion. ;; no vascular invasion. ;; surveillance. ;; HRT.


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            I've actually seen visualization exercises where for people with cancer, they say to visualize a fire that burns the tumors. Heat kills cancer cells.

            Wife of Kevin Murphy
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            Oriechtomy 7/20/04
            4xBEP 8/04-11/04 BHCG:1200 (lung only)
            Rediagnosed 12/27/04 BHCG: 50
            1xVIP 1/05 (lung)
            HDC/Stem cell Indiana 2/05-4/05 BHCG: 51-4.5 (lung)
            HDC failure 5/05
            3xGemzar/Taxol 6/05-9/05 (lung only)
            VP-16 w/Avastin 9/05-1/06 (lung only)
            Cyberknife 5" lung tumor 2/06
            cyberknife 6 brain tumors 3/06
            1xOxaliplatnin 3/06 (liver, lungs, kidneys, left hip)
            Passed away 4/13/2006


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              Yea I posted some crap on some new anticancer thing, you can get it in australia, it works by heating up targetted areas inside.
              Aged 23 ;; 09/06 left I/O ;; Markers normal ;; 100% Seminoma Stage 1. ;; 10x8x16mm & 7x7x8mm ;; rete testis invasion. ;; no vascular invasion. ;; surveillance. ;; HRT.