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Radiation Therapy Treatment Making A Comeback

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  • MarkOne
    I think it is worthy of further study to determine answers to the questions that this study could not answer, specifically -:

    1 Does the apparent better survival rates for radiation persist in the long term as this study had a short average follow up period of only 65 months. I believe other studies have seemed to show an increased risk of secondary malignancies many many years down the line.

    2. Were the deaths in this study all attributable to TC as a few unrelated deaths would be enough to skew the figures given sample sizes.

    3. What other side effects of each treatment were identified?

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  • Dook
    Here in France, Oncos say both treatments are good. But RT for young people can make a second cancer later in their life, that's why they prefer Chemo (for Seminoma)
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  • Radiation Therapy Treatment Making A Comeback

    From my understand, in recent years it has been moved away from in favor of chemo. This article might shake things up a bit.