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Guadecitabine for Refractory Testicular Cancer?

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  • Guadecitabine for Refractory Testicular Cancer?

    Love to hear comments from the forum about PMID:27936464.

    Clinical trial in progress

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    I recently contacted Dr. Nasser Hanna at Indiana, and according to him they had some responses with Guadecitabine/SGI-110, including durable responses. Unfortunately I have no further details.
    Sep. 2015: Diagnosed with large primary mediastinal GCT and lung met.
    Sep.-Nov. 2015: 1xPEI/VIP, 1xBEP, 2xTIP, markers normal after chemo.
    Jan. 2016: Surgery to remove residual mass. Pathology shows immature and mature teratoma.
    March 2016: Markers rising. PET/CT shows 4 active mediastinal lymph nodes.
    April-July 2016: 4xGAMMA (dactinomycin, HD methotrexate, oxaliplatin, paclitaxel).
    July 2016: SBRT mediastinum, markers rising. PET/CT shows tumors in mediastinum, pleura and abdomen.
    Aug.-Oct. 2016: HDC, 2xEC, markers normal, almost all tumors resolved.
    Jan. 2017: Markers rising. PET/CT shows activity in mediastinum, pleura, abdomen. Oral etoposide and SBRT on active tumors. PD.
    March-April 2017: cisplatin, gemcitabine. PD.
    May 2017: pazopanib. PD.
    June 2017: imatinib.