looks like no end to the need for follow ups.....

World J Surg Oncol. 2007 Jan 4;5(1):1
Cervical mature teratoma 17 years after initial treatment of testicular teratocarcinoma: report of a late relapse.Omranipour R, Alavion M.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Late relapses of testicular germ cell tumor are uncommon. We report a case of cervical mature teratoma appeared 17 years after treatment of testicular teratocarcinoma. CASE PRESENTATION: A 20- year- old patient underwent left sided orchiectomy followed by systemic therapy and retroperitoneal residual mass resection in 1989. He remained in complete remission for 200 months. In 2005 a huge left supraclavicular neck mass with extension to anterior mediastinum appeared. Radical surgical resection of the mass was performed and pathologic examination revealed mature teratoma. CONCLUSIONS: This is one of the longest long-term reported intervals of a mature teratoma after treatment of a testicular nonseminoma germ cell tumor. This case emphasizes the necessity for follow up of testicular cancer throughout the patients life.
PMID: 17201931 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]