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Vitamin E for Protection Against Peripheral Neuropathy

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  • Vitamin E for Protection Against Peripheral Neuropathy

    A randomized controlled trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of vitamin E supplementation for protection against cisplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy: final results.

    This study concludes: "Vitamin E effectively and safely protects patients with cancer from occurrence of cisplatin neurotoxicity."
    Scott, [email protected]
    right inguinal orchiectomy 6/5/2003 > nonseminoma, stage I > surveillance > L-RPLND 6/24/2005 for recurrence, suspected teratoma but found seminoma, stage II > chylous ascites until 9/2005 > surveillance and "all clear" since

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    I wish My doctors would have taken steps to protect me from Neuropathy. A little over 2 years post chemo and not to much Improvment.Next step...Surgery...

    To anyone undergoing chemo or getting ready to start chemo PLEASE make sure your Doctors take the proper steps to protect you (or at least try to) from Neuropathy.
    Moffitt Cancer Institute
    Diagnosed/Left I/O 9/18/2004--Non-Seminoma/Stage IIIC--3X B.E.P chemo--3X T.I.P. Salvage chemo---Abdominal [email protected] 34cmX 24.5cmX 17.5cm---4/19/2005 --RPLND/Left Kidney,8 1/2lb Abdominal tumor,42 nodes removed---7/16/2005 Remission/Surveillance---Severe Peripheral Neuropathy--


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      I will make a mental note to take vitamin E regardless of what my doctor says if the situation arises *knock on wood it doesnt*
      Aged 23 ;; 09/06 left I/O ;; Markers normal ;; 100% Seminoma Stage 1. ;; 10x8x16mm & 7x7x8mm ;; rete testis invasion. ;; no vascular invasion. ;; surveillance. ;; HRT.


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        vit E

        Russell had supplements such as this during his chemo. In fact, he is still adding some. (We are under the care of a specially trained Internist for this.) Although there were some toxic reactions, they seem to be improving quickly. The Bleomycin Toxicity is on a game board of it's own. We have started decreasing the Prednisone. Again we are working with the doctor as mentioned above..... also saying big prayers. Multi-tasking!!! Thanks for the updates! Russell's Mom, Sharon
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          vitamin B

          I have slight neuropathy at hands and feet, mostly slight burning
          I found that my mothers vitamin B complex for diabetic neuropathy helps a lot

          worth considering
          Benexol B12
          B1 250mg
          B6 250mg
          B12 1mg
          diagnose 18 Aug 06
          Orchiectomy 24 Aug 06
          pure Seminoma, markers normal, PALP positive
          CT 35x45x60 mm at L3
          EPx4 cycle from 6 Oct 2006
          CT no shrinkage after 4 cycle, PET negative 12 Jan 07
          Post chemo mass resection 14 Feb 07
          Found mature teratoma (unusual for seminoma)
          Surveillance !


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            250mg of B6 is a HUGE amount, I get really zingy if I take anything over 25mg at once.
            Aged 23 ;; 09/06 left I/O ;; Markers normal ;; 100% Seminoma Stage 1. ;; 10x8x16mm & 7x7x8mm ;; rete testis invasion. ;; no vascular invasion. ;; surveillance. ;; HRT.


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              I took (on my qown initiative) 400 IU/day ,200 mcg Se/day and 1000mg/day Vit C all period during chemo and 3 months after that and, 2 years after chemo, I have NO SIDE EFFECTS. It seems that high doses of Vit E work sinergicaly with TC chemo [the elevated marker where 0 after first cycle]. while high doses of antioxidands work like a veritable chemo, low doses protect the cancer cells from oxidative effects of chemo. My onc uses now this protocol for all TC chemo patients. I was a pioneer for the Oncology Institute
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              Stage III EC 85% + Sem 15%
              AFP=2.6; HCG=10, 20,28 and rising
              FULL CAT scan:
              -abdominal lymph clear
              -subpleural lungs metastasis [bipulmonary lesions with diam <= 1cm]
              4 x BEP changed to 3 x BEP at my request
              from 2005-05....Surveillance


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                For what it's worth. I was very concerned with PN as I'm a pianist. My hands/fingers are very important to me. My oncologist at Dana Farber put me on a daily dose of 400 I.U. Vitamin E, 250 mcg Vitamin B12 as well as 100MG Vitamin B1. I did experience some neuropathy in both my hands and feet but this went away within a few months after chemo. My hands and feet are still very sensitive to the cold!

                The Tinnitus is another story. I have had it since chemo and am now taking Ginko to try and rid myself of it.

                Hope this helps someone.



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                  I wish I had known this four years ago when Chris was undergoing chemo...I did so much research and now feel I missed this important step...luckily, Chris has never had a problem with neuropathy and we are thankful for that...but he is a pianist and plays guitar...and we were so worried at the time...why didn't his oncologist suggest this...and one last thing...after four years...I am even afraid to ask this for fear of the answer...but does that mean chris is out of the woods regarding neuropathy developing...thanks...Mary Ellen