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L-RPLND with waterjet

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  • L-RPLND with waterjet

    Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Lymph-Node Dissection with the Waterjet Is Technically Feasible and Safe in Testis-Cancer Patient.

    The waterjet was used for removal of lymphatic tissue from the aorta and the vena cava, as well as from the sympathetic trunk.

    Conclusions: The waterjet allows the safe and complete removal of lymphatic tissue, leaving vulnerable anatomic structures intact. It can decrease the learning curve of laparoscopic RPLND and contribute to better acceptance of this procedure.

    Orchiectomy 2007/7/11
    BEP x4 7/31/2007 to 10/15/2007
    RPLND 12/11/2007

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    So essentially they are power washing the lymph nodes off? I am sure it is not as much pressure, but still.....the visual conjured up on in mind is amusing.


    Husband Right I/O 09/06
    -70% Embryonal Carcinoma
    -20% Teratoma
    -10% Yolk Sac Tumor
    11/06- lymph nodes 1.8x1.4 and 1.9x1.4
    12/06-PET Scan confirms activity in lymph nodes, lymph nodes 2.2x2.2 and 2.4x2.3
    1/07-Start 3xBEP
    4/07-PET clear, lymph nodes down to 1.1x0.5 and 1.8x1.0
    6/07-lymph nodes 1.2x1.0 and 1.9x.9
    8/07-lymph nodes 1.1x1.0 and 2.0x1.2
    10/07-lymph nodes 2.0x1.5 and 2.7x1.8
    11/07- PostChemo LRPLND-found burnt out teratoma
    11/09-Enlarging lymph node 1.2 cm near renal veins


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      yeah it sounds so strange . . . .

      It's interesting how they found the right pressure to remove the
      lymph node without hurting anything else . . .
      Orchiectomy 2007/7/11
      BEP x4 7/31/2007 to 10/15/2007
      RPLND 12/11/2007