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Any HR Jobs out there?

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  • Any HR Jobs out there?

    Probably not the best forum for this but, since I lost my job after being diagnosed last year. I need all the help I can get... my cobra insurance is almost out and I am up ****'s creek without a..well you know the rest,lol.

    If anyone in NEW YORK knows somebody who might be interested in interviewing me for a Human Resources job, please contact me at [email protected]. I'm unemployed and ready to work... currently finishing up a completion of a Prof.Certificate in HR Managment in NYC and hold a Bachelor's in Psychology, with 3 years of sales/customer service experience.....and Still can't land a job?? :-(

    Thanks all.
    Love, James
    Non-Seminoma, Stage II
    Right Guy Removed
    4X BEP ending 6/3/2005
    RPLND 7/1/05