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melanoma after radiation?

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  • melanoma after radiation?

    Does anyone know of any incidents of melanoma on the abdomen after radiation treatment? The reason I'm asking is I had the hockey stick radiation a year and a half ago after having had seminoma. Within the last year a mole appeared on my abdomen just above the pubic hairline. It's light brown in color and slightly irregular. Today it bled a little and is scaly in appearance. I'm calling the Doc's tomorrow but am just a little curious.

    On a happier note my daughter was born three weeks ago!

    Thanks, Brian
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    I have what can be described as a waxy looking mole on my abdomen. it's pretty regular looking, and fairly light in tone. a bit raised.

    I asked my radiation oncologist. He told me just to keep an eye on it. If I really wanted to, I could have it removed.

    Apparently, some spotting of the skin can appear after radiation. A woman who was always waiting with me at the cancer pavillion-- she was there for breast cancer -- said that she was also getting some spots.

    I'm probably going to have it removed just for peace of mind. Maybe not a bad idea to have it looked at.
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      I would have it removed. Don't take no for an answer. Hormone activity also may change moles. Dianne
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