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Study of the Cause of Familial Testicular Cancer

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  • Study of the Cause of Familial Testicular Cancer

    There is a new National Cancer Institute research study about the risk of testicular cancer in men with a family history of the disease. It will try to: 1) identify genes that may lead to an increased risk of testicular cancer; 2) characterize the clinical features of testicular cancer; 3) determine how best to prevent familial testicular cancer; 4) determine if other types of cancer occur more often than expected in families with multiple cases of testicular cancer; and 5) examine emotional issues of members of a family at increased risk of testicular cancer.

    I don't know if this applies to anyone here, but thought I should post it here.

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    Thanks Pam.


    Best wishes
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      Don't know if it would directly relate with me getting TC but I had 3 blood relatives that had cancer and my father did have a very small malignant growth removed (not attached to his left testicle about 7-8 years ago).. Makes you wonder!!!!!!!
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        There is no TC cancer in any males we could find in our family, but my mom died at 60 from a rare uterine cancer....and there are other cancers in family, could that also be a link....Mary Ellen


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          Thanks Pam,
          Very interesting considering my brother had TC and my son.
          Thanks for the information.
          Mother of TC survivor.
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            My granfather died from TC in the 40's but they listed it as pneumonia because back then that's pretty much what they called most thinigs.

            My dad had TC in the 70's as well as his brother, my uncle. They both had Seminoma and were treated with radiation and are still alive.

            When I was diagnoised they told me I had Seminoma because that's all they could find, unfortunetaly I had both Seminoma & Non-Seminoma which was discoverd late and turned into stage III within 3 months of being told I would have a 97% chance to live a normal life. Kinda scary to think that I'll probably pass this crap onto my son(s) if I ever have any.

            I have been submitted into so many gene test studies etc. thats it's crazy! I just cant thank Dr. Einhorn enough for all his work becasue without Cisplatin I would be dead a long time ago! Kinda scary to think back that I was actually one of his patients...that's a good and a bas thing if you know what I mean lol

            I wish you the best of luck with what you are tring to accomplish!


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              I seem alone in my family --- but there are reports that my great great grandfather died pretty young of "un-known" causes. Perhaps???
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                Is this study actually still recruiting? Looks like it started in 2002?

                My grandfather had testicular cancer, so it looks like I qualify. I'll send off an email.

                *I should add that my father-in-law also had TC in the last 5 years. Doesn't affect me, but could certainly affect my kids if I have them!
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                  Until I saw Jane's post I thought the TC gene would have been through the male. In Jane's case, her son would have gotten the gene through her. It is funny that this has come up. Last March (2005) my husband inquired about the study. They sent a questionnaire which was very difficult to respond to because of questions relating to historical information. He didn't respond. Yesterday the mailman left a notice that there was certified mail waiting at the post office for him. I went and picked it up this morning. It was a letter from the Dept. of Health asking that he please join the study. They want my son too. So, it is not too late to join and they are really looking for people. Dianne
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