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  • Just received an Implant

    Hello....I'm a new user, diagnosed two years ago...all is well so far.....however........I just received a testicular implant, right side. It's only been two weeks but I am concerned about the position as it is way to high. My doctor says it will drop. Any advice on this, is the doc right????? How long before it drops?????

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    Welcome to the forums Livetofish,

    hmmm, i dont know too much about the whole implant thing. Maybe someone on here who actually received one can give you some more info on that.

    Has your doctor performed many of these surgeries prior, and if so, has he seen this happen in other patients?

    Hope all goes well.

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      I received implant right at I/O surgery and I don't understand why or how it can drop later. My one is also mybe higher that you we used to have your normal testicle but you should get used to it, because I don't believe it will change.

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