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Question about possible job move.

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  • Question about possible job move.

    Hi there everyone, well I was offered a great job here in town working for the largest medical facility. I would work in billing and have a great 8 to 5 job and for once have weekends off. But the thing is that they don't offer benefits till 3 months after getting hired. I am not too worried about that because I can bring my health insurance from my current job along with me by using the COBRA program. What I am afraid of is that there might be a pre-existing condition clause in their insurance policy. I am afraid to ask HR because I don't want them to think I am a high risk person. I know alot of insurance policies that have the pre-exisiting clause make you wait a year before covering you but then again a lot of them count your previous coverage (without a lapse) as the 12 month waiting period. Another kink into things is that I don't have any Personal Leave hours for 3 months and I have my CAT Scan scheduled towards the end of May. I figure I could let them know before I start my first day and tell them I have an appointment that I can't cancel. My current job I work from 4pm to 12am which gives me time to see my doctor during the day and get blood work done and my days off are pretty flexible so I could head over to Seattle and get my CAT Scan done. I am really confused right now because this job is a great opportunity for me and I really don't like my current job. They want me to start on as soon as possible, I know if I don't take this opportunity I will probably regret it. I am in my 8th of surviellence and am not sure if I should make a job change or not. I guess my biggest question is when is it safe to make a job change.
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    You should be fine. If you would like me to send you a copy of an overview of HIPAA please send me a PM with your email address. "HIPAA provides that once an individual employee has health coverage, this coverage can be used to reduce any pre-existing condition time requirement that might be applicable to new health insurance coverage he or she receives when he or she move to a new job. For example, if John is insured by the health plan at Smith Manufacturing for four months and then changes jobs to go to work for Acme Services, whose health plan excludes pre-existing conditions for six months, John need only wait two months before his or her pre-existing condition is covered at his or her new job. HIPAA proves that an employee gets credit for prior health coverage against the application of a pre-existing condition exclusion. An individual receives credit for prior coverage that occurred without a break of sixty-three (63) days or more would not have to be credited against a pre-existing condition exclusion. In the event an employee leaves his or her job, he or she will be entitled to a "certificate of creditable coverage" indicating the length of time he or she was covered in order to avoid or limit any preexisting exclusion period on his or her next job. The certificate of creditable coverage is to be issued by the group health insurer or by the employer if it self-insures." So, if you have been insured under a medical plan with your present employer for 12 months, that 12 months will be credited to you under a new plan that has a 12-month exclusion for a pre-existing condition. I believe that a group health medical plan can only apply a pre-existing condition exclusion for 12 months by law. As far as taking a day off for the CT scan, I would mention that you need a day off to attend a wedding or something. I would not tell them about needing the day for a CT scan or for any medical reason. The short-term disability is another matter and I think you would be sol if you need it during your first year of employment. An employee is eligible for our STD plan once he has been with the company for one year. Believe me, this HIPAA law has helped a lot of people. Dianne
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