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  • Thanks for the site and thanks to the members

    I am in my 2nd week dealing with TC now post surgery (right orc) and like a lot of people reading a lot on the net. This site seems to be the place for someone to talk to real world people about TC and just to talk to others with the same issues. It is sort of odd that I work as a Life Insurance claims person, have read thousands of pages of medical records and now I am researching TC since I have never had one person with this which goes to show that we kick the TC's butt and just live a long life like the rest of the people out there. Just wanted to say thanks in advance to everyone since I know I will be looking for advice on my next medical choice: Wait and see(and cross my fingers), surgery or chemo.
    Oh by the way is it just me or do all of the doctor tell you that "we just don't know" a lot seems like I ask a question and you get " well it is 40% to 60% that it is gone but we just don't know" The good news is the Uro when pressed as to what he would do said go see the Oncologist and hear what he has to say so at least he isn't trying to get me back on the table if I don't want it.
    Well I guess I do have a question in all of this does anyone else have problems sleeping or falling asleep?? The only good sleep I Have had in the last 10 days was when they gave me versed before surgery then they had the nerve to wake me up an hour later .. I know it is just nerves but going back to work without sleep I pitty the person that says the wrong thing at the wrong time .
    Thanks Brian
    5-1-2006 Right IO - Stage 1 Nonseminoma Embryonal and Yolk sac - Surveillance Baby on the way Born 7-20-07

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    Do we sleep? It was my son who had this two years ago and I still post at 3-4 in the morning. Even after you are cured life will never be the same. For me demons seem to hide in the darkness. The doctors do a great job treating the cancer but not such a great job treating the patient. Please write back when you know what treatment they want to use and perhaps we can give some advise. With over 2000 members we have seen it all. Good luck Brian.
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    Son Jason diagnosed 4/30/04, stage III. Right I/O 4/30/04. Graduated College 5/13/04. 4XEP 6/7/04 - 8/13/04. Full open RPLND 10/13/04. All Clear since.

    Treated by Dr. Rakowski of Midland Park, NJ. Visited Sloan Kettering for protocol advice. RPLND done at Sloan Kettering.


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      Thanks Doctor said he would find something to get me to sleep tried ambien kept me up all night thought the girlfriend was going to hit me over the head to get me to sleep that night . I think things will get better when I don't have to try to fall asleep on my back since it is still a little painful to sleep on my side, might have been a little better if I wasn't out doing so much but I am not one to let moss grow under my feet. Well getting back to work should help out a lot maybe that will work the brain a little and it will then need sleep haha.
      5-1-2006 Right IO - Stage 1 Nonseminoma Embryonal and Yolk sac - Surveillance Baby on the way Born 7-20-07


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        Hi Brian. Well, I don't know if my son slept, but I sure didn't after learning the diagnosis. It is so natural to have anxiety. I think you might be better off with a mild anti-anxiety drug than a sleeping pill. The sleeping pill doesn't stop you from thinking. I learned just recently listening to a conversation my son was having with a good friend that the low point was at the time of the diagnosis when he asked the urologist if he was going to die and the urologist responded, "we have to wait and see." I was really PI#@!! off when I heard that especially since the urologist is not a stranger to us. Well, now, 18 months later, you would never know he had TC. Have you gotten your path report back yet? You should think about banking sperm. Dianne
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          Hey Brian,

          I couldn't agree with you more about this site! Everyone is just incredible with the support that they provide! I had the Left I/O done back on 4/13 and I found that an ice pack in the "area", but NOT directly on the skin, really helped me relax and take the discomfort away. Just make sure that you have a good ice pack that doesn't leak!!!

          Out of curiosity, what did the pathology report state? Keep in touch with us and we all hope that you have a speedy recovery!!!
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          4/11/06 Markers: AFP-41.0 & HCG-88
          4/13/06 Left I/O
          4/19/06 Diagnosed w/ nonseminoma;80% yolk sac, 15% teratoma, and 5% embryonal carcinoma
          5/10/06 Markers: AFP-4.7 & HCG-1
          5/12/06 RPLND surgery @ HUP
          6/19/06 Started 2 cycles of EP
          7/14/06 Completed 2 cycles of EP

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            I will try to get a copy of the path and blood test tomorrow of course after he said yes it was cancer I think I just sort of sat there with the deer in the headlights look we all must have. I do remember that it is Nonseminona and I believe embryonal and yolk sac. 2 out of 3 blood test were normal with the one being 9 and he said high side of normal was 3 for men so I guess I am going to have a baby . Hope to have the paper copies tomorrow and will post.
            5-1-2006 Right IO - Stage 1 Nonseminoma Embryonal and Yolk sac - Surveillance Baby on the way Born 7-20-07