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Things to do with my freetime???

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  • Things to do with my freetime???

    Hi - as i find myself with an unexpected few weeks 'recovery time' i thought i'd start a thread to help keep us occupied and focus on something else other than the current status of our health!

    I'm also struggling for inspiration for activities during this enforced career break so any ideas would be most welcome!

    At the moment I'm contemplating;

    Learning a new language,
    Researching a business opportunity (not sure which one yet!),
    Yet more reading,
    Write a book,

    So what do people do with themselves?

    All suggestions gratefully received!


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    I received I dog right after treatement and I was walking each day around with him and still do 2 years after. It is (she actially) my guarding angel
    Seminoma I. stage ,May 2004,Si Deus pro nobis quis contra nos


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      You may have even MORE spare time than anticipated........your "self-exam" will now require HALF the amount of time as pre-I/O !

      Sorry...couldn't resist .....

      During my time off work for chemo,I was a "regular" at the movie rental store.

      Best Wishes
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        Well lets see hummmmmmmmm damn this is hard do I get graded on this ???
        I looked out the window at the birds crapping on my deck for half a day stupid birdfeeder

        In the States we have NBA playoffs and baseball right now so if you like sports you can sleep during the day and watch basketball and baseball at night both of my teams suck and or lost in the playoffs so that is even hard to watch right now.

        I stopped in at work one day just to show them I was still ALIVE wore non work attire as to show them who was the boss they all made fun of me it was great
        5-1-2006 Right IO - Stage 1 Nonseminoma Embryonal and Yolk sac - Surveillance Baby on the way Born 7-20-07


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          Well, movies are good, as are Xbox 360 games too but there aren't enough of those!!!

          I'm not much into Basketball and they don't show it over there anyway but the real(!) football World Cup is due to start on June 9th and they show all the games on tv. Unfortunatley this is around the date i'm hoping to go back to work - doh!

          Also, in the meantime, i've been roped in to doing a spot of painting of fences etc in the garden, and when the weather turns crappy again, i think i'll learn a bit of Spanish... my office is 250 miles away so not much chance of me turning up there for a while!!!!

          Anyway, keep em comin'!


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            when I was recovering from the RPLND I played online poker nonstop. (for play money, not real). I also learned how to do "chip tricks" with my poker chips! haha. I'm a dork. Also played a lot of Play Station and read some books. For recovery purposes, i would walk down to the local park and shoot some hoops. Even though i was just walking, not running, and not really jumping, just shooting, it was a very good work out and i think it helped me feel better.
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            I/O 10/15/03
            RPLND 1/21/04
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            Completed the Boston Marathon 4/17/06
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              i watched harold and kumar go to white castle about 100 times .... did my first 3-d puzzle ..(empire state bldg).... worked on my putting ...i have a putting green in my yard .... looked at alot of porn when my wife wasnt watching .... and asked people for money in my fundraising effort .... hope that helped
              diagnosed jan 19, 2005 - right i/o jan 21- ct scan and x rays clear-- march 14 rplnd... mixed germ cell


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                I screw around on the internet. I am convinced you can find a internet messageboard out there for anything. example, this is one, I never relaly thought there would be a board for Testicular cancer.

                Either way I am a car guy, I hang out on Chevy Camaro message boards I just spent alot more time there. Learning more things to make my car look cooler and to make it faster.

                I also taught myself off the internet how to tune and modify the engine controls through my car's computer.

                I played alot of video games too, watched TV. I work at a movie theatre, and I used to use my keys go in the back door and watch movies with my girlfriend.

                I also made it to one car meet up a week, just to get me up and moving on my feet and just get out doors.
                Diagnosed 4/26/05 | Orchiectomy 4/29/05 (so long lefty )
                Almmost had RPLND, canceled..
                Started 3 rounds of BEP June 20th, 2005
                Stopped Bleomycin after 4 doses, added another round of EP.
                Finished all 4 rounds of EP and doing great now...


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                  Good to hear from you again Shenanigans!!!!! How are you doing???? How's everything in northern FL.?????
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