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Ipod, great present for someone in chemo...

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  • Ipod, great present for someone in chemo...

    So if you are looking for a preset for someone in chemo. I have to suggest an ipod.

    When I was going through my 12 weeks of chemo, listening to CDs was the best, I got an ipod not too long ago and I listen to it all the time at work and god I wished I had it during chemo, would have been awesome.

    So if you know someone that is in chemo, I suggest an ipod. video games, books, and even TV started to become hard to follow and keep concentration on.
    Diagnosed 4/26/05 | Orchiectomy 4/29/05 (so long lefty )
    Almmost had RPLND, canceled..
    Started 3 rounds of BEP June 20th, 2005
    Stopped Bleomycin after 4 doses, added another round of EP.
    Finished all 4 rounds of EP and doing great now...

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    I agree 1000%...Wish I had an I-Pod and a PSP while in the hospital......
    Moffitt Cancer Institute
    Diagnosed/Left I/O 9/18/2004--Non-Seminoma/Stage IIIC--3X B.E.P chemo--3X T.I.P. Salvage chemo---Abdominal [email protected] 34cmX 24.5cmX 17.5cm---4/19/2005 --RPLND/Left Kidney,8 1/2lb Abdominal tumor,42 nodes removed---7/16/2005 Remission/Surveillance---Severe Peripheral Neuropathy--


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      I talked to an old friend the other day whom I hadn't spoken to in several months. When he found out that I would be in the hospital for a while with surgery and possibly chemo, he immediately got my address and shipped his PSP to me. Cancer lets you know you your friends are.


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        even better than the Ipod is Sirius's satellite radio. The S50 allows you to store mp3's and record ANYTHING you hear on the radio.
        Non-Seminoma, Stage II
        Right Guy Removed
        4X BEP ending 6/3/2005
        RPLND 7/1/05