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  • Hi im new here

    Hi I just wanted to thank you all,my husband was diagnosedwith TC In may this year It was quite a shock and such a worrying time but every night Iwould visit this forum and it would reasure me that every thing would be okay . You have all been such a support to me with out even knowing it.

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    Thank you for checking in and letting us know, Claire. I hope you and your husband are both doing well.
    Scott, [email protected]
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      Hello there, I am a co-survivor too, my fiancé was diagnosed with TC 4 months ago, and all I can tell you is that you are not alone, any question or any feeling you want to share, Do not hesitate!!, I know how it feels to go through something like this with someone that you love so much, so if there is anything that you want ask, feel free. Think about the fact that the worst part is always at the beginning and that things will look much better in a few months.

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        Hi Kelsi

        Hi Kelsi, Its really nice to hear from someone who knows how you feel,My husband never talks about his TC, he just carries on as he did before,last week he had his first lot of Carbolantin and thank God he feels fine but he still thinks he can go to work,go down the pub with his friends and im like nagging him to stay away from people in case he gets a cold! Its great he is such a laid back ,happy person but I some times wonder if he just puts on an act! sorry to go on, How is your fiance at the moment? Its been really nice speaking to you.