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    I am the loved one of a 30 yr old male that was very recently diagnosed with stage 1 tc. He is currently on his second cycle of oral chemo pills. when he went back in to check up, it had not changed, so they doubled his dosage. There are of course many concerns involved... we are getting married next year and were wanting to eventually start a family, he is nauseous alot because of the double dosage. He was very quiet about it at first with me, but is now starting to open up and let me in. I would love any advice as to how I can be there for him, how to make him more comfortable and what to expect as we delve deeper into this disease. I know he has tons of questions too, so I want to be there for him the best I can.

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    There are many things that he can do to help with the treatment. Take a look in the treatment area under chemo there are many post there to get you started. If you have a specific question just fire away, many here have had chemo and will be happy to help you out. As for not feeling too good after treatment many have stated that you should call the doctor so they can start him on some meds to help with that and it seems to help them if they keep up with it.
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      Read, read, read! A wonderful source to get you well versed in this are is Another is

      Chemo generally requires a wait after completion to try to conceive due to the toxicity of the drugs. Poke around the sites I suggested and post back with more info on the type of tumor from the final pathology, and his marker levels, as well as the chemo regime he is on. Chances are someone on this site has been in a similar place.

      Welcome to the forum!
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        Oral chemo is a bit unusual for testicular cancer, why was that chosen?
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          Originally posted by ashleymb
          He is currently on his second cycle of oral chemo pills. when he went back in to check up, it had not changed, so they doubled his dosage.
          I'm very confused about this. When was his orchiectomy? What was his pathology report? What chemotherapy is being administered? What had not changed when he went back?
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            I am still learning all the terms and questions to ask. I will definitely sit down with him tonight and see where his status stands. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and concerns!


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              You are doing a wonderful thing by getting involved. As others have suggested you will both want to read as much as possible and ask lots of questions. In the mean time, try not to get stressed about the wedding and your plans on having kids. One step at a time.

              The oral chemo does seem odd, but there are nausea meds he can take to help and of course he'll need to drinks lots and lots of water, sportsdrink or anything that tastes good to him.

              In addition to this site and while you are learning about TC, don't hesitate to ask questions here. Let the wonderful people here share their experiences, to help you and your man. And definitely report back with the information from his pathology report, tumor marker, etc.

              All the best.

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