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Scholarships for TC survivors?

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  • Scholarships for TC survivors?

    hey guys its been awhile since I posted.

    So far still doing just fine. I am feeling alot better, I am not in the best of shape I want to be in, but that is mainly form the effects of sitting on my *** for 7 months. and I have been too busy to get a good workout routine.

    Alright to the issue, Do you guys have some issues for scholarships availible to TC survivors?

    Thing is I did some minor searching and it appears to be for people, who are 18 going into college from highschool. Unfortuneately I got diagnosed at 23 while in school.

    so any help is appreciated.
    Diagnosed 4/26/05 | Orchiectomy 4/29/05 (so long lefty )
    Almmost had RPLND, canceled..
    Started 3 rounds of BEP June 20th, 2005
    Stopped Bleomycin after 4 doses, added another round of EP.
    Finished all 4 rounds of EP and doing great now...

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    Wow, Chris is a Senior in in College, but going for a masters next year..I would love to hear more about this...Mary Ellen