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  • Rune
    Welcome, Scott!

    I'm a member of CCC-NET myself. Although I must confess I don't post that often, I read every post and the list is a daily inspiration!

    Rune in cold and wintery, but magpie-free Denmark

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  • scott45
    started a topic By way of introduction

    By way of introduction

    As a quick intro - well it might not be so quick...I get carried away sometimes.

    I'm from Scotland but have lived in New Zealand for 16 years. 45 (way too old for TC - or so I thought until Feb 2003), married, 2 kids (aged 9 and 13). Former competitive club runner and now a non-competitive (so far) cyclist.

    Diagnosed (eventually - I had to convince my GP there was a lump - and that's lesson number one) in Feb/Mar - left radical orchidectomy (that's what we call 'em), 10 sessions on the "sunbed" and away we go. Since then fairly trouble free - the odd scare with lymph nodes and WBCs going crazy but hopefully all OK. Not overly happy with my testosterone level - lesson 2 is get a baseline measurement before they remove almost half your production capacity.

    Being older when I discovered the lump was a benefit - I don't think I suffered the embarrassment that I would have as a younger man - lesson 3 for the youngsters out there - if you feel something isn't right down there GO GET IT CHECKED AND PERSIST UNTIL YOU ARE HAPPY - any embarrassment is temporary. And if it is TC, count yourself lucky - in a strange way - it's a very treatable/curable cancer to get - so be positive about it.

    So that's my little cancer speed bump:-) I tend not to dwell on it too much already - although it has undoubtedly altered my outlook on life (in a positive way).

    I work for a medical communications company - I'm a pharmacologist by "training", love most sports, cooking, travel books, drink way too much wine

    See - I told you it might get a little bit longer.

    Take care out there
    Scott in a summery New Zealand