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Fish oil and Apricot kernels

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  • Fish oil and Apricot kernels

    I thought I would put back some of what I take out of this forum

    For those who are experiencing chemo brain, you can try fish oil(classified as an essential nutrient and is basicly food).

    For those of you on survalence, or have chemo/radio resistant tumors. Try looking into Apricot kernels, my cousin was diagnosed with a brain tumor 3 years ago, they tried radio and chemo, and it did not work, so they did a biopsy, and it grew bigger from the operation(this is what I have peiced together from I have heard my family mention to me) Because it grew bigger, he could not move or talk, couldnt move nothing in his body, the doctors said they couldnt do anything and that he had 1 year to live, so his mum went and got Apricot kernels, he started taking them, and when doctors did a follow up scan they were shocked to see the tumor had calcified.
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    Michael, there is no scientific evidence that apricot kernels can prevent or cure cancer.
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      There is no scientific evidence that it does not cure it either


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        Maybe not, but imho it is not sensible to encourage people to rely on anything to cancer just because "there is no scientific evidence that it does not cure cancer". I much prefer to follow good scientific advice and rely on the treatments and protocols that have been scientifically proven to be valid treatments for my type of cancer. One thing that strikes me about most, if not all of these miracle cure stories, is they rarely if ever come direct from the person supposed to have made the recovery but are always third hand anecdotes and never have any scientific validation of the case and the recovery.