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After effects of "Hockey Stick" radiation

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  • After effects of "Hockey Stick" radiation's the deal. the lower gastrointestinal stuff is pretty bad. I've had it since I finished treatment 6 months ago. Lots of diarhea. In fact I've lost 12 pounds in about the span of two weeks. I also break out into a sweat at the drop of a dime. Especially in the arm pits. None of this was the case until after I began treatment. Has anyone else had side effects like this??

    I am going back to my Rad. Oco. on 12-23-04. Can anyone give me some guidance??

    Seminoma (April 6th 2004)...Semper Paratus

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    radiation effects

    hey buddy!
    i had 18 sessions of rad. and i never had diarrhea. i dont think i had any problems at all ......just vomitting and nausea -----the nausea was like hell !!!
    if you still have these problems 6 months after finishing .....dude you better ask right now whats going on!

    im saying that because my symptoms were only the day of radiation. the next day i was fine each time. but people told me i was "losing color" as they put it during rad.
    live strong bro.
    Pure Seminoma - stage I
    IO surgery October 2003
    Finished 18 session of Rad. 12-9-03 -living strong!